KCS 60

The 60 model is the portable option for those seeking an authentic Komatsu Construction Equipment simulator. Not compromising with functionality, the 60 model is built to be an option for those who wish to have a system which can be packed up and moved between multiple locations without any hassle.

The right view setup for the machine

The system is delivered without any screen to give maximum flexibility. A screen with 16:9 aspect ratio and FullHD capabilities is recommended when running in the default single screen setup. The Komatsu 60 model can also be configured to run with three screens in landscape mode.

The base unit consists of the main simulation module, an HMI touch screen and rugged table mounts. Everything packed up in rugged hard cases with custom made foam fittings to protect the simulator during transport.

Simulator modules

Convert your Komatsu simulator from one model to another in a matter of minutes. Each simulator module, built with authentic Komatsu components, comes in its own hardcase. The side panels attaches to table mounts while the pedals are mounted on a sturdy base plate with non-slip material for optimal operating comfort.

Emulated HMI and machine monitor

Every Komatsu Construction Simulator comes with an emulated version of the original machine monitor where the operator can familiarize themself with the menus and the various machine settings available. Other features such as additional camera views and machine warnings are also present in the machine monitor.

All simulator modules come with an on screen reference of all HMI indicators and machine warnings.

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