KCS 600

The 600 model is available in two options – with a single screen or with a larger triple screen assembly for visualization. All simulators are equipped with a high performing motion base which adds authenticity to the operations. All simulators can also be equipped with an overview screen showing an external view of the operation.

High performing motion system

The motion system can capture all movements of the machine and provide the operator with a true to life operating experience.

While capable of generating large angles and high accelerations the motion system is extremely easy to use. No special setup is needed except for setting up a suitable safety perimeter around the simulator. All simulators are equipped with a machine stop which will prevent the motion system from performing any movements.

Easy setup

Even though the Komatsu simulators are advanced and capable machines, they are extremely easy to set up and use. The system runs on 100-220V and needs only a single power cord to power the entire system. A single power button will fire up the entire system and take the user directly to the login page. For more advanced usage, an admin level user group exists which can configure each module according to the current needs.

The right view setup for the machine

To ensure that the operators are able to have sufficient view from the machine, the triple screen assembly for the 600 system is possible to reconfigure between tree screens in portrait orientation to the screens in landscape orientation. For the single screen versions, the screen orientation is decided based on providing the best possible view for the operator using a more limited amount of screen area.

Simulator modules

Convert your Komatsu simulator from one model to another in a matter of minutes. Each simulator module includes three parts which fit onto the base using a quick attachment system.

Emulated HMI and machine monitor

Every Komatsu Construction Simulator comes with an emulated version of the original machine monitor where the operator can familiarize themself with the menus and the various machine settings available. Other features such as additional camera views and machine warnings are also present in the machine monitor.

All simulator modules come with an on screen reference of all HMI indicators and machine warnings.

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