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Wheel Loader

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The Wheel Loader module is based on the WA600-8 but is suitable for training on multiple models, ranging from the WA320-8 to the WA900-8. The simulation module is centered around productivity training set in a quarry environment but also features additional applications such as stone handling (with forks) and log handling (with a log grapple).

The Large Wheel Loader module will cover basic machine knowledge and basic operating principles as well as production centered training and safety critical situations. The module covers conventional operation as well as operations using the AJSS (Advanced Joystick Steering System).

Dimensions and weights

Using the Komatsu step by step training approach developed and verified by Komatsu’s master trainers, the Large Wheel Loader module will guide the operator through all machine functions and relevant menu options for the Komatsu Wheel Loader. Full knowledge of the machine’s functions ensures that the operators are prepared to make full use of their Komatsu machine.

Scenarios and situations

Set in a large quarry environment, the Large Wheel Loader module features 12 scenarios covering basic operations, operating principles, production enhancement, block handling and log handling as well as scenarios teaching the operator how to correctly respond to safety critical situations. A total of 49 potential operator errors are tracked and the module implements 9 safety critical situations including loss of steering, brake overheating and tire blowout.

Time of day is configurable as is the weather allowing the instructor to tailor the scenarios to perfection. The operator errors tracked by the system can be individually enabled to allow for site specific regulations. The entire module is configurable to run either right hand side traffic or left hand side traffic. The module is also capable of handling reports in both metric and imperial units.

The Wheel Loader module is available in variants with either a single screen (in landscape orientation) or with three screens (configured in portrait orientation).

The simulation module is currently available in 19 languages and can be expanded with additional languages upon request.

Some currently supported languages are English, Spanish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Thai, Arabic and Japanese.

Please contact us if you are interested in a demo of the Wheel Loader module. The simulators are available at multiple Komatsu locations and if not available close to your location, a web demo could be set up upon request.

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