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Medium Wheel Loader

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Master Operating The WA475-10

Introducing our Medium Wheel Loader module, based on the WA475-10 and its unique machine features.

Unlock a world of advantages by experiencing the benefits of individual control of the driveline, the driveline braking function, the work equipment, and the convenient travel speed function.

Embark on your training journey within the immersive digital replica of the genuine Komatsu Training Demo Area in Hannover, Germany. Dive into a series of detailed exercises developed to enhance your machine operation skills and refine construction-based actions to optimize driving behavior and production efficiency.


Our comprehensive training program begins with fundamental machine handling techniques and progresses to specialized production-oriented driver training within a lifelike training environment to ensure mastering the WA475-10 in a safe and efficient manner.

Whether utilizing the Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) or the traditional steering wheel, our simulator guides the operator through intricate loading techniques, seamless load and carry operations, and strategic stockpiling exercises. Each session is designed to refine the driving proficiency and elevate production capabilities.

Dimensions & Weights

Step-by-Step Guidance

Using the Komatsu step-by-step training approach developed and verified by Komatsu’s Master Trainers, the Medium Wheel Loader module will guide the operator through all machine functions and relevant menu options for the Komatsu Medium Wheel Loader. Comprehensive knowledge of the machine’s functions ensures that the operators are prepared to make full use of the Komatsu machine.

Scenarios & Situations

Located primarily at the Komatsu Training Demo Area in Germany, our Medium Wheel Loader module boasts an array of 10 instructive scenarios. These scenarios include fundamental machine operations, whether utilizing the Advanced Joystick Steering System (AJSS) or traditional controls, along with intricate tasks such as precise bucket positioning, efficient digging techniques, V-shape loading maneuvers, stockpiling procedures, and seamless load and carry operations, all set within a realistic quarry environment.

Moreover, operators can engage in a scenario designed to train correct responses to critical safety situations, alongside an open scenario for freeform training. Throughout these exercises, the module meticulously tracks and highlights 48 potential operator errors while providing focused training on 5 critical situations, including loss of steering, brake failure, and tire burst

Language Support & Hardware Configurations

The simulation module is available in multiple languages and can be expanded with additional languages upon request.

The Medium Wheel Loader module is optimized for a configuration with three vertical screens but is also available in a horizontal single-screen configuration that follows the motion platform.

Simulator Demo

Our simulators are conveniently accessible at various Komatsu locations. If our simulators are not readily available near you, we’d be happy to arrange a web demo upon request.

Contact us today to schedule your demo for the Medium Wheel Loader module and discover this immersive learning experience firsthand.

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